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The boy who helped his mother in the whirling storm… Resilience video goes viral..

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As we travel under the influence of internet, we learn new things every day. From the pranks of children to the amazing talents of men and women, we see everything through social media. Some of these videos made us think and got praise from netizens. Recently Nagaland Tourism and Higher Education Minister Temjen Imno Along posted such a video on his Twitter page.

In the video, people are closing their street stalls to protect themselves and their street stalls from the swirling storm. “A woman pulls a tarpaulin to cover the shop to escape the rain. But he couldn’t do it because of the stormy wind. Even so, he puts in a lot of effort.

The woman’s child, who was watching this, tries to help his mother. Even though he tried to close the tarpai, he could not. Still, Achiruvan wanted to help his mother. The video ends with him immediately picking up the windblown basket and giving it to his mother. This video, which is now viral on the internet, has captured the hearts of netizens even though it is only 31 seconds long.

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So far more than 3.92 lakh people have watched and enjoyed it. Along with this, netizens have shared various opinions. In particular, a user tweeted that “Age is not important for understanding responsibility, it is the situation that teaches them everything.

Another user posted Great post only responsibility makes a man great. And the netizens have tweeted how sweet and intelligent this child is and may God bless him. Netizens praised the teacher as everyday practical life teaches lessons that are not taught in schools.

Generally Nagaland Tourism and Higher Education Minister Temjen Imno Along is always active on social media. Every video Temgen posts on his Twitter page gets praise from netizens. Even recently, Along shared a short clip about Jabami, a picturesque village located 53 km from Nagaland’s capital Kohima. Sharing the clip, he said, “It’s remarkable how we find ourselves pulled between this rich natural environment and culture.

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