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The 10 best cat scratching posts of 2023

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Have you been itching to get your cat a new scratching post, but didn’t want to start from, well, scratch?

Then you’re in the right place, as the cat owners and cat lovers over at the New York Post know just how vital it is to have a scratching post that your kitty actually uses and loves.

Not only is scratching good for your cat and helps keep their nails filed, having a designated place to do said scratching is a way to train your cat to not scratch up your leather couch, expensive rug and anything else in your home with a tempting surface for scratches.

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Cats are also known to be climbers, loving high perches and spaces in your home or in the outdoors – we all know the cat-stuck-in-a-tree motif. Providing them with a safer alternative, a scratching post cat tree can become your pet’s new favorite perchallowing them to satisfy their climbing instinct and dull those little tiger talons all at once.

A cat in a cat tree

Go big or go home, right? This cat tree comes with multiple levels and scratching posts, making it a home for your kitty, a bed and a scratcher. The basket and the cat-shaped alcove also give your kitty a place to hide, which is another instinct they have when hunting and playing.

A cat scratching a couch

Protect your precious couch and give your precious cat something to scratch. This scratcher easily lays over the arm of your sofa or couch, giving your cat something safe to scratch on while also not taking up as much room as a traditional post.

A cat scratching cactus

Turn your living room into the scratchy desert of your cat’s dreams with this cactus scratcher. It comes in a smaller size and the larger 31-inch size, too, for cats and kittens at any stage of life.

A couch cat scratcher

Kitty see, kitty do. Give your cat his very own couch to claw on, sparing yours from his claws. This adorable couch scratcher also comes with some catnip to sprinkle in the cardboard groves for extra fun.

A cardboard scratchinbg post

Having a few of these in your home is a very smart move. Sold at PetSmart, the wavy scratcher is an easy way to supply your cat with scratching stimulation, as they can scratch all four paws at once, while rocking on the wavy platform.

A white cat on a scratching post

Have a cat but no more room for her toys? Then this space-saving scratcher is a great idea. The vertical toy sits up in any corner or on any wall, making for a good stretch for kitty, plus the platform below is good at getting the back claws, too.

A cat scratcher shaped like a cat

Wiggle your butt and wag your tail if you love this scratcher. The adorable and funny cat-shaped scratching post is also a toy, with a dangling tail, as well as a cat bed and resting place with a fur-lined tunnel inside.

A cat tree
Tuft and Paw

Speaking of paws, keep your kitty’s paws and claws happy with a scratcher and climber. This tall cat tree is wrapped with scratchable sisal rope that is natural and durable enough for many scratching sessions to come.

A cat scratching a post

Get back to the basics with this scratching post. The column is covered on all four sides with scratchable sisal rope, with a wood base on the bottom and top. It is also highly rated with more than 23,000 reviews on Amazon.

A white cat and an egg toy
Happy & Polly

This is an egg-celent choice for a silly cat. The egg-shaped scratcher is almost too cute to let them scratch on, with a sunny yellow yolk covered in sisal rope and a white carpet egg white for a new fun texture to try.

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