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Started The Business: Started the business from a small shop, now the second generation is earning a name

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Started The Business: Many such things happen in the society, which are positive. It is the responsibility of the newspaper to keep this positivity in front of the society with great respect. In this effort, Naiduniya is starting a special pillar from today – the name is enough. It will have the story of such veterans, who achieved amazing success in life with honesty, truthfulness, faith and sensitivity by putting in the culmination of hard work. Now his name is his biggest introduction. Starting today with veteran businessman Vivek Agarwal of Jabalpur. Whose hard work of two generations took the small business to the heights of success. The members of the Agarwal family never back down in social concern and service to the needy. On hearing the name Alankar, it is assumed that we are talking about a jewelery showroom.

There used to be a small shop named Alankar Jewelers in Sadar. Four brothers started the jewelery business in 1968. His tireless hard work was given a new status by the next generation and the small shop came out in the form of a big showroom. The grandeur of the showroom located on Sadar Bazar main road is visible. Showroom operator Seth Compound Sadar resident Vivek Aggarwal says that hard work, honesty and joint family played an important role in traveling from shop to showroom. There are 27 members in the joint family. Each member of the family is performing his role well in business and family responsibilities. In the showroom, care is taken that the customer of any province reaches his choice, that is, he does not have to be disappointed for the jewelery of the design prevalent in his area.

Such was the journey-

Vivek Aggarwal said that his father Shyam Bihari Aggarwal (76) along with his other brothers Ambika Prasad Aggarwal, Girdharilal Aggarwal and Murarilal Aggarwal started the business in 1968 under the name Alankar Jewellers. There used to be a small shop in a street of Sadar then. In the year 2004, the second generation decided to give a new shape to the business. As a result, a showroom named Alankar Jewelers on Sadar Main Road was dedicated to serve the customers. Father Shyam Bihari is involved in all the activities of showroom operations. Even at this age, he spends enough time in the showroom. Ambika Prasad, Girdharilal and Murarilal are no more in this world but the standards established by them are helpful in the progressive progress of the showroom. Vivek told that he along with his elder brother Arun Agarwal and younger brother Ashish Agarwal handle the responsibility of the showroom. Till the 90s, there was a jewelery manufacturing factory with the shop. After which the market pattern changed. Readymade jewelery of various designs started being available. In place of local designers, newly designed jewelery from big cities started being made available to the customers.

dream, work hard

Vivek Aggarwal said that not every person is great by birth. It takes honest hard work. First dream, then get involved in hard work, do not lose patience and maintain continuity. He said that whether there is money in the pocket or not, there must be a goal. There must be a will to do something. After which keep moving towards the goal. Don’t be under the illusion that success is achieved immediately. One has to work hard for this. Vivek told that traveling is necessary to take any business forward. Hanging out is about discovering what’s new. They say that be a horse of a long race, if you want to go long, you have to walk straight.

Lesson learned from father

There is strength in organization. What can a single person do? Family has great importance in the life of any human being. Family is a great strength. Compromises also have to be made in a joint family. Father always taught to take the family along. He was always in favor of joint family. Along with dedication towards the family, the lesson of dedication towards the businessmen was also learned from the father. Dad says don’t mislead the customers. Customers should have the satisfaction that the establishment they are visiting is the right place. After which customers do not hold back in spending. Due to the ideals that were established for business operations, the journey till the showroom was completed. At present, when any new customer reaches the showroom, he also feels as if there is an association of years.

The third generation wants to enter the construction sector.

Vivek Aggarwal told that two generations took the jewelery business forward. But the third generation wants to move forward in the field of construction. Efforts have been started for this. The most important thing is that according to their status, the first and second generation left no stone unturned in social service. There is no dearth of service even in the third generation.

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