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“Scepter” story: The pride of Tamil Nadu placed in the new parliament!-What is the historical background?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the newly constructed Parliament on the 28th. While preparations for the same are in full swing, Union Home Minister Amit Shah today issued an important announcement regarding the ‘scepter’ of Tamil Nadu.

Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the Parliament building on the 28th and install a ‘scepter’ near the Speaker’s seat. When India gained independence from the British, the ‘scepter’ received by the then Governor Mountbatten from Thiruvaduthurai Atheena Math was handed over to India’s first Prime Minister Nehru to mark the change of regime.

What is the history of this scepter which is considered as a symbol of regime change in the Indian landscape… Let’s see in detail!


WRalaru is strange. Some important incidents will be swallowed up by mediocrity. In the historic event of India’s independence on August 15, 1947, not many people are aware of the glory that Thiruvavaduthurai Atheena Math got from Tamil Nadu. Let’s find out.


Mountbatten, who was the last Governor of India, called Nehru and said, “We are going to give freedom to India. How do you identify it?” Confused Nehru did not answer immediately. Then the sage approached Rajaji and asked, “You have to solve this.”

Rajaji immediately said, “Don’t worry. When kings change regime in Tamil Nadu, the person who is Rajaguru gives the scepter to the new king and blesses it. In the same way, we too can get the scepter through a Mahan and change the regime,” he said. Ambalavana Desikar (1937 – 1951) was the 20th gurumaka sannidhana of Thiruvavaduthurai Atheena Math, one of the Saiva Maths in India. Rajaji contacted him and asked him to perform the rituals for the change of regime.


We contacted 94-year-old Masilamani Pillai, who was an assistant of the 20th Sannithan and currently lives in his son’s house in Dubai, through his son Ilangovan. “Adeenam was suffering from high fever at that time. However, Ummidi Bangaru Chettiar, a famous jeweler in Chennai, asked him to make a gold scepter with a Saiva symbol. I don’t remember its weight and price now. In a private flight organized by Rajaji, Thiruvathigai Kumaraswamy alias `Sadaichami’, the head priest of Thiruvavaduthurai Atheena Mutt, sent Thambiran and the mutt’s readers to Delhi. Vidwan Thiruvavaduthurai Rajaratnam and Pillai’s group also went to sing Mangala music.

In the year 1947, on 14th August at 11:45 pm, Gurumaka Sannithanam had blessed him to sing the 11 hymns of the Kalaru Pathikam in the Devar. Accordingly, when he finished singing the 11th verse of the Devara Tirupathigam, which begins with ‘Veyuru Dholibangan’, the last stanza ‘Adiyar Vanil Arsalvar Aane Namade’, he received the scepter from Mountbatten, sprinkled holy water on it, recited the Lord’s Name and gave it to Nehru. This is a matter of pride for Tamil and Tamil Nadu. A rare photograph of Nehru holding a scepter in his hands can still be seen at Thiruvavaduthurai Atheena Math,” he said.

Masilamani – Narayanan

When I met Narayanasamy, who worked for a long time in the library of Thiruvavaduthurai Atheena Mutt, he said, “Near the stage for the independence ceremony, Rajaratnam Pillai’s Nagaswara concert was held. Seeing a large crowd gathered there, Nehru asked, ‘Who is there… the king?’ When asked, they replied, ‘Nagaswara is the king of the music world’. Govindarasu, who passed away six years ago, told me this at that program. Anand Bhavan, Nehru’s residence in Prayagraj (Allahabad), has been converted into a museum. The scepter given by Adeenam is currently kept there,” he said.

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