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President will resign if alliance with AIADMK: Annamalai threat talk

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Chennai: BJP leader Annamalai spoke angrily at a meeting in Chennai yesterday saying that he would resign as president if he formed an alliance with the AIADMK. Due to this, the alliance between AIADMK and BJP is likely to break and there has been a stir in the political circles. There has been opposition to his speech within the party. The 2nd phase leaders condemned and spoke in his presence has caused a sensation. For the past few days, there has been a conflict of opinion between BJP and AIADMK.

AIADMK Interim General Secretary Edappadi Palanichamy and BJP State President Annamalai are from Western Zone. Both belong to the same community. Due to this, a conflict arose between the two as to who was the greatest. Meanwhile, a conflict arose between the two parties over the Erode East by-election issue. Edappadi thought that Annamalai would support Panneerselvath and decided to contest alone. In this situation, the Panneerselvam team did not compete. Only the Edappadi team competed.

The Edappadi team got the double leaf symbol. However, the AIADMK was badly defeated in the elections. Ahead of the by-elections, some of the AIADMK’s senior executives openly expressed their views that the alliance with the BJP was the reason for the AIADMK’s defeat in the 2021 assembly elections. The AIADMK did not invite the BJP to campaign in the Erode East by-election, and the banners placed at the election workshop set up in Erode did not feature the pictures of BJP leaders.

This issue has caused displeasure among the BJP. Also, the pictures of Prime Minister Modi and BJP leaders were ignored in the posters put up by the AIADMK. The AIADMK had been saying that if you collect votes by calling the name of BJP, you will definitely lose. When the by-election results were announced, BJP leader Annamalai said that he would bow down and accept the verdict of the people, but Edappadi Palaniswami instead of admitting defeat, blamed the ruling party and the Election Commission.

After this, there has been a conflict of opinion between BJP and AIADMK for the past few days. Political commentators say that Edappadi Palaniswami is preparing for a non-BJP alliance in order to win minority votes as the alliance with the BJP will not win them. In this case CDR Nirmal Kumar, who was the head of BJP’s information technology team, joined AIADMK, many BJP executives joined AIADMK in the presence of Edappadi Palaniswami.

Due to this, the conflict between BJP and AIADMK reached its climax. In protest of this, on March 7th, the incident of burning the photo of AIADMK Interim General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami at Kovilpatti in Thoothukudi district caused a great shock among AIADMK members. Former minister and Kovilpatti MLA Kadampur Raju insisted that Annamalai should take party action against those who burnt the EPS effigy while the AIADMK strongly condemned the BJP’s action.

The suspension order was revoked within a few hours of the person who burnt the effigy of Edappadi Palaniswami being suspended from party duties while the EPS members insisted that action should be taken against those who burnt the effigy of Edappadi Palaniswami, causing shock among the AIADMK members. Annamalai also said that he has come to work as the BJP president in Tamil Nadu in the last few weeks, and that he did not come here to make dosa or to work as a manager.

Also, Annamalai compared herself to Jayalalithaa, causing deep discontent among the AIADMK. In this case yesterday, a meeting of Tamil Nadu BJP state executives and team leaders was held at the wedding hall in Suktakara, Chennai. BJP MLAs Vanathi Srinivasan, Gandhi, Saraswathi, Tirupati Narayanan and others participated in it. There was talk about the Booth Committee and the collection of funds for the party for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai said in this consultation meeting: We need to strengthen the BJP, we do not want to bow down to anyone during the elections, we do not want the BJP to face the elections in collaboration with the Dravidian parties. We will take our decision and focus only on party work. We can grow the party only if we stand alone in Tamil Nadu. If the alliance takes the stand, I will resign as chairman and be a mere volunteer.

I have asked for time to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I will be busy with party work till next May as the Karnataka assembly elections are going on. If they decide to form an alliance with the AIADMK in the upcoming elections, I will resign from my post. I will do party work as a normal volunteer. I left IPS with an insatiable desire to make a big change in Tamil Nadu. But many insist that politics should be done only by making compromises.

They ask to do a lot of fighting in the alliance. Annamalai is not needed if we have to compromise and form an alliance and go the Ai way. If such a compromise is not necessary then the leader is not responsible. There are a lot of leaders here to make coalition compromises and build the party. They can lead the party. No matter who insists, there is no compromise on alliance. My desire is to make BJP win alone and put it in power. Thus he spoke.

Subsequently, the state vice-president Narayanan Tirupati who was present in the meeting got up and said Annamalai’s speech was not clear. So he said explain. Subsequently, Shah, a party executive from Madurai, objected to Narayanan Tirupati’s opinion. Karunagarajan broke down in tears saying that Annamalai should not talk about the resignation of Annamalai for any reason.
BJP volunteers are soldiers to fulfill the intention of Annamalai.

Amarprasad Reddy said that no other decision should be taken. And a typical Annamalai wouldn’t talk like this. You talk like this about what happened. Lions should not sneak up on dwarf foxes to howl. What you are talking about is confusing. Any decision should be announced openly. Amarprasad Reddy said that BJP and charity do not need that compromise if the alliance is to release you. At the same time, many people raised slogans in support of Annamalai’s opinion. This caused an uproar in the crowd.

After this, Vanathi Srinivasan MLA asked why you are now talking about the point which should be discussed in the central committee of the party. Thus the BJP There was excitement in the meeting of state administrators and team leaders. Annamalai, who spoke last, said that if there is an alliance, there is no place for Annamalai. Annamalai will never go down from his position. Let’s all be ready to face before coming. He said that we will see what the situation is after May 10 and plan our activities accordingly.

Annamalai’s comment has created a stir among BJP state executives and leaders of various teams. Also, the friction between BJP and ADMK is now growing and the alliance is breaking. Since Annamalai has said that there is no need for an alliance, it is considered that there is little chance for the BJP-AIADMK alliance to last. This has created a stir in the AIADMK alliance.

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