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only 184 € for this practical and efficient robot vacuum cleaner

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It is not always necessary to spend all your savings to buy an efficient robot vacuum cleaner. The proof with the Neato D8, which is currently offered at 184 euros instead of 319 euros at Boulanger.

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, we often tend to recommend products launched by popular brands, such as iRobot or Roborock. But other manufacturers have stood out over the years, such as Neato, an American brand that notably offers robot vacuum cleaners with a shape specially adapted to suck in the corners of each room. This is the case of the Neato D8, which is also currently available at a reduced price thanks to a grosse promotion.

Les points forts du Neato D8

  • A convenient shape
  • Laser technology to map and navigate your home
  • A large brush and a large dust container

Previously offered at 319 euros, then reduced to 199 euros, the Neato D8 robot vacuum cleaner is currently available at 184 euros at Boulanger thanks to a discount of 15 euros automatically applied when the product is added to the basket.

The reduced price of the Neato D8 after dragging the product into the shopping cart // Source: Boulanger.

If after that the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please take a look below to find other promotions for the Neato D8. The table updates automatically.

Where to buy The

Neato D8 at the best price ?

A practical format to sneak everywhere

While most robot vacuums adopt a round format, Neato has opted for originality by offering a D-shaped design, as can be seen on its aptly named D8. But, this bias is not only aesthetic: this design allows the robot to be able to sneak into each corner of your rooms to thus suck up dust in places usually neglected by round robots. The Neato D8 even takes advantage of its smaller than average format to be able to slip under furniture.

Precise laser technology

Before being able to carry out its main mission, the Neato D8 robot vacuum cleaner will be able to precisely map your home thanks to its LaserSmart technology. A technology that will also allow it to move around your home in complete peace of mind, including in darker places or at night, and to avoid obstacles, such as stairs. The map of your home will then be accessible on the MyNeato application, which gives access to various very practical features, such as the creation of virtual zones in which you do not want the robot to pass or the programming of subsequent cleanings, which can be elsewhere be done using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Effective cleaning on all floors

Regarding its cleaning capabilities, the Neato D8 stands out first of all thanks to its large combined spiral brush, which has the advantage, according to the brand, of being significantly larger than that of round robots. Above all, this brush will be suitable for all types of floor, such as tiles, rugs and carpets or even parquet. Three suction modes will be available, and can be chosen according to the desired cleaning intensity. Dust, pet hair and other dirt will be collected in a large 0.7L dust container; a substantial capacity that allows it to be emptied less often. Another good point: the D8 has a filter capable of capturing up to 99% of allergens.

Regarding its autonomy, the vacuum robot can work for 100 minutes, according to Neato. Finally, in the event of low battery, the D8 can interrupt its cleaning and return to its base to recharge. It will then return to the exact spot where it left off to complete its mission.

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