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North 24 Parganas News: Farmers of Basirhat are looking at the direction of profit by cultivating maize

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Basirhat: Farmers of Basirhat are looking at the direction of profit by experimentally cultivating maize. Maize is an inexpensive crop that requires only a small amount of water and fertilizer. Maize is very good as food and the quality of maize is very high.

A farmer of Jagatpur in Basirhat cultivated maize experimentally on 6 khata land. Later he said that he started this cultivation on a large scale. Profit is coming from selling not only corn kernels, but also plants. Because the corn plant is used as animal feed. So gradually the popularity of maize cultivation is increasing throughout the district.

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In this area, various crops including paddy, wheat, jute were cultivated. This time there experimentally with the help of the Department of Agriculture Cultivation of corn has started Farmers are seeing profit in this cultivation. He said that by experimentally cultivating maize, the yield in maize cultivation has improved and it will be quite profitable.

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There are multiple markets for maize. Generally, it is also used for burning food. A variety of foods are also prepared from corn. All foods contain protein. In this regard, Basirhat-2 Block Deputy Director of Agriculture Raju Mandal said that through the Atma project, the amount of profit of the farmers will increase through new cultivation, they will be able to increase the yield and then the farmers will benefit.

All in all, after the cultivation of paddy, wheat, jute, etc., this is a new touch Farmers Now the farm is cultivating corn. Farmers are increasingly interested in maize cultivation as the cost of care and disease are less than other crops.

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