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Netanyahu delays judicial overhaul after mass protests in Israel latest updates | The ‘civil war’ in Israel kept on happening? This decision of Netanyahu reduced the tension in the country

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Tel Aviv: Has Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saved his country from a ‘civil war’? In fact, with the postponement of the controversial judicial reform plan in Israel, the political opposition of the country embroiled with Netanyahu has started forming parties from Tuesday for talks. Netanyahu’s judicial reform plan was facing strong opposition in the country and a domestic crisis was brewing as people took to the streets. However, even this settlement is not looking easy and Netanyahu’s legacy is at stake.

Demonstrations were happening all over the country for 3 months

Nothing much has come out of this agreement amid an ongoing impasse over the fundamental issue of what kind of state Israel should be, and things are looking very bad. The protests against the judicial reform plan, which have been going on for the last 3 months, intensified this week. Israel’s main trade union declared a general strike, causing chaos and shutdowns across much of the country, even threatening to bring the economy to a standstill.

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<span class="author">Image Source : AP</span>

There have been strong demonstrations in Israel for the past few weeks.

Netanyahu’s popularity declines in Likud party
In his Prime Time speech on Monday night, Netanyahu admitted that there was talk of division in the country and announced a one-month delay in bringing the law. However, within hours, analysts said the uproar since Saturday night’s sacking of the defense minister had further eroded Netanyahu’s popularity even within his own Likud party. Due to these incidents, Netanyahu, who has been ruling Israel for the longest time, has not many options left.

Tension reduced after Netanyahu’s announcement
Yohanan Plessner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, said: “They have realized they have no choice.” And the very experienced Netanyahu understands that now is the time to reform. The prime minister said in his address that he wanted to ‘avoid a civil war’ and would compromise with political opponents. Netanyahu said this after thousands of people demonstrated in front of the Parliament House in Jerusalem. His announcement may have eased some of the tension, but it has not solved the problems that are polarizing the Israeli people.

benjamin netanyahu, netanyahu news, Israel Protests, world news

<span class="author">Image Source : AP</span>

Demonstrators demonstrate against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

‘Netanyahu has not fulfilled many of his promises’
netanyahu Israel Running the most extreme right-wing government in U.S. history, his allies have vowed to implement this law. “I’m relieved, but skeptical,” Tel Aviv resident Fayga Gutman said Tuesday. He said that Netanyahu “made a lot of promises to us” over the years, but unfortunately he didn’t always keep all of his promises. However, the break provided by the announcement to the people of Israel is giving them an opportunity to reflect on the challenges ahead.

‘Feeling good today, everything is calm’
Ma’or Daniel, who is also from Tel Aviv, said, ‘Today I feel better, since yesterday everything is calm. Together we have to find a way to deal with this situation and live together. Netanyahu suspended the process of implementing the bill, saying, “When there is an opportunity to avoid civil war through negotiations, I, as prime minister, am taking the time to negotiate.” He resolved to reach an agreement on this in the summer session of Parliament starting from 30 April.

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