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MP Board 10th-12th Exam: Who is responsible for playing with the future of 19 lakh students of MP Board?

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Publish Date: | Sun, 19 Mar 2023 12:35 AM (IST)

MP Board 10th-12th Exam: Bhopal Navdunia Representative. Every day a new case is coming to the fore in the matter of question paper leak during the 10th and 12th board examination of Board of Secondary Education (Mashim). The examination has started from March 1 and every day’s question paper is going viral on internet media half an hour before. Even on Friday, class 10th English paper went viral on internet media at 12.57 pm. That the question paper has not been leaked even for a day. The exam will not be cancelled. The students are not getting any benefit from the question paper being viral half or an hour before the end of the exam, rather they are getting mentally disturbed. Secretary Srikant Banoth says that the Center President and Assistant Center Presidents have a suspicious role in the question paper leak. Without them, the question paper cannot be leaked, because half an hour ago the bundle of question papers is opened under the supervision of the head of the center. Even before this, nine center heads and assistant center heads of four districts of the state have been suspended in connection with the question paper leak.

it is their responsibility

The question papers of the board exams are stored in the police stations nearest to the examination center. According to the distance of the examination center, one hour or one and a half hours before the commencement of the examination, the center head or assistant center head takes the papers from the police station to the examination center in the presence of the collector’s representative, but during the examination, these question papers are not available on internet media. But it seems to be going viral.

mobile is banned inside the exam hall

Board officials say that clear instructions have been given that carrying mobile inside the examination hall is prohibited. Whether it is the head of the center or the assistant head of the center or the mobile of the students, it should be closed in the iron box or almirah before the commencement of the examination. It is the failure of the administration that the mobile is reaching inside the examination hall.

investigation committee is investigating

The secretary of the board told that a six-member inquiry committee has been formed in the question paper leak case. Everyday the committee is matching the question papers. The viral paper is not matching with the original question paper. Although some questions are being found. Action will be taken against the culprits in the case. In the first phase, nine center heads and assistant center heads have been suspended.

19 teachers suspended so far

The board has issued a press release saying that 19 teachers, including six center heads and seven assistant center heads, five teachers and one other, have been suspended for gross negligence and arrests have been made by registering an FIR against them. Also requested the students Have done that prepare for the examinations by staying away from the misleading information regarding question paper-leaking through internet media by some anti-social elements.

Sometimes the question paper went viral

On March 1, the first Hindi paper of class 10th went viral.

On March 11, the 10th Mathematics paper went viral on the internet media 21 minutes before the exam began.

On March 17, the 10th English paper went viral three minutes before the end of the exam.


Till now not a single question paper has been leaked. The exam will not be cancelled. Center Heads and Assistant Center Heads are responsible for making the question paper viral.

Shrikant Banoth, Secretary, Mashim

Posted By: Lalit Katariya


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