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March Benefits for Capricorn – Full | 2023 | Monthly Astro to Magaram for March

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Capricorn (Uttradham 2, 3, 4 Padas Thiruvonam, Avitam 1,2 Padas) Planetary Position – Saturn in Rasi – Mercury in Dhana Vaat Family Sthana, Sun – Guru in Darya Virya Sthana, Sukra – Rahu in Suka Sthana – Mars in Panchama Purva Puniya Sthana – Career Karma Jeevana Sthana Ketu is the planetary position.

Transits: On 09-03-2023 Lord Mercury moves from Dhana Vaat Kumbha Sthana to Darya, Viriya Sthana | On 13-03-2023 Lord Shukra moves from Dharaya, Viriya Sthana to Sukha Sthana | On 14-03-2023 Lord Mars moves from Panchama Sthana to Rana Runa Roga Sthana | On 15-03-2023 Lord Surya shifts from Dhana Vat Kumbha Sthana to Bold, Viriya Sthana | On 29-03-2023 Lord Mercury will move from courage, viriya sthan to suga sthan.

Benefits: Lovers of Makara Rasi who are full of intention to seek grace and act in the way of material pursuits… There is a possibility of abundance of auspiciousness this month. Economic credits can only be earned through tangible activities. Otherwise, you will be ridiculed by many. In the current planetary position, half of gentleness and half of fierceness are mixed. Realize success and get the credit you deserve based on the circumstances.

A couple who have been expecting a male child for a long time in the family will get favorable results from the grace of the family deity. You will see good income by paying proper attention to land, land, agricultural land etc. Being patronized by co-borns will not bring any problems in future.

Officers and superiors will buy you something you need and make you happy. Some may get foreign opportunities. Some co-workers, some of whom have shown hostility towards you, will engage in reconciliation efforts. Behave in a forget-and-forgive fashion.

Entrepreneurs you will be successful in your business and activities without any interference from others. Going by the words of your father and respecting the words of the elders will be the cornerstone of your success. Paying attention to your health is very important now.

Women working in government and private sector offices will gain reputation among the authorities by acting independently without any interference from others. Women who take care of family management will buy everything needed for the home and become a good family manager. Ornamentation is in favorable condition.

It was a time when artistes had to work tirelessly to gain fame. Companions will have to be monitored. Talents will seek you out. Give them good credit and agree. They will help you fulfill your future dreams.

A situation may arise where politicians have to rely on other people’s words and be deceived. Anything needs attention. It can be hectic so take time to eat and rest. Postponing new changes for a week or two can be relaxing. People who are separated may meet you again.

Students will make good progress in studies. Now more than before, full focus will be on studies. Students involved in art, music, Bharatanatyam etc. will perform with renewed vigor and achieve success. There is due honor and glory.

Uttradam 2nd, 3rd, 4th Foot: You may meet a favorite person this month. So the mind will be happy. Disagreement with fellow Pakistanis is likely. It is better not to engage in vain discussions as much as possible.

Thiruvananthapuram: It is necessary to be frugal this month. Quarrels with close friends are likely. If you are expecting any kind of financial assistance, chances are high that you will get it.

Diameter 1.2 feet: This month there will be good progress in the matter of children. If there are children of marriageable age they may be arranged for marriage. Let go of the pessimistic attitude.

Remedy: By worshiping the deities Agni Veerabhatra and Agora Veerabhatra with butter, there will be a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

Lucky Days: Monday, Saturday Lunar Days: 6th, 7th | Lucky Days: 26, 27

– Perungulam Ramakrishna Josyar

All the results mentioned in Rasi Balan and Astrology are predictions of the astrologer. They are not the views of ‘Hindu Tamil Vektik’.

Source: www.hindutamil.in

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