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Man buys iPhone on Amazon and receives a children’s game

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A man residing in the municipality of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, located in the metropolitan area of ​​Recife, in Pernambuco, was surprised to receive an order placed on e-commerce Amazon.

Upon opening the package, journalist Eduardo Sena realized that in place of the smartphone he had bought, there was a puzzle game of the Three Little Pigs. Eduardo had ordered the iPhone for his father.

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In an interview given to the iG portal, the journalist explained the context of the situation. “My dad brought me the link and asked, ‘Is this a good buying opportunity?’ I said: ‘It’s a good opportunity’. When I send him the bill to pay, he says: ‘Is this safe, my son?’. And I answer: ‘Yes, Amazon is super safe’”, said Eduardo, pointing out the trust deposited in the virtual store.

After realizing the fraud, Eduardo immediately contacted the company, asking for a refund of the amount paid for the iPhone. This is the procedure that should be adopted in cases like this.

This request was made on March 20, when the fraudulent order arrived, however, the journalist only received the refund 9 days later, last Wednesday (29).

According to information provided by the man from Pernambuco, the reimbursement could have taken even longer and was only accelerated because the case gained repercussions in the local press.

Now, Eduardo reports a great sense of relief and says that he will not make large purchases on the site again, despite being a regular customer.

“I went to look at my purchase history with them. There were more than 30 purchases and I only had this problem. But the purchases were always for books”, he told the report.

It was not the first time

About a week ago, before what happened to Eduardo Sena, another resident of the Recife metropolitan area reported fraud in purchases on Amazon.

In this case, the person also bought an iPhone, but unlike the journalist from Jaboatão, he received a children’s perfume instead of the smartphone.

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When contacted by the iG portal to comment on the cases, Amazon said it regrets what happened and that it works to investigate facts like these.

“We reinforce our commitment to our customers in the investigation and correction of any factors that may generate cases in this profile”, said the company in a note.

In cases such as those that occurred in Pernambuco, customers must contact the store and the seller of the product (if applicable) to request a refund of the value of the product originally purchased.

Each store has specific protocols for these situations, but it is usually necessary to take pictures of the product received and send images of the buyer’s documentation, as well as proof of identity, such as selfies, for example.

It is worth mentioning that it is always necessary to be careful when shopping on the internet, precisely to avoid fraud, which is more common in unknown e-commerces.

Furthermore, virtual crimes such as this one can and should be taken to court if the store responsible does not want to assume responsibility for the refund.

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