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Is there Marxism looking forward to the hands? No Communism holding the flag together?

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Actor and politician Kamal Haasan’s tweet against imposition of Hindi has sparked a huge controversy.

Recently Hindi No one can deny that many forms of exchange of views against imposition are emerging both on partisan lines and through public opinion. Language is not only a medium to communicate one’s ideas. It is a symbol of a culture and a symbol that protects the culture.

Especially in a democratic country like India which has more than 200 official official languages. A It is the opinion of many that it is barbaric to impose only language on the entire population. Especially in South India Hindi There are loud voices against the imposition.

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Especially India BJP Since beginning to rule, Hindi The padding is high, Hindi Resistance is more than that. Why so many, so many Hindi Speakers, Hindi They held many protests against imposing the language on the entire population.

in this situation, BJPas currently legal HindiIn the name of bringing to the people, the official single language of India Hindi As the imposition of a language on Indians has caused displeasure to many parties.

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Following this, Tamil Nadu not only, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana And Karnataka Many states like Hindi They are expressing their views as to why they are facing the imposition. Of which, recently Kerala Marxist PartyMember of Parliament of John Brittas He expressed his views on this.

Restrictions under Section 4- iii of the Official Language Act Hindi The central universities said that they are opposed to the imposition as the language of instruction Hindi He had posted on his Twitter page that he spoke against the establishment.

Not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages, talk about the political figures of the respective states separately.

HindiYour nefarious design of imposing will destroy this country. In IIT HindiIf you have to write the exam in, under the leadership of Google Google CEO Could it have been?”

had posted as in this situation, Kamal too Since it has been docked and posted, Kamal Haasan He posted his comments on this. in it,

Kerala reflects the same and it is a saying for half of India. Warning, Pongal is coming. Oh! Sorry for your understanding.Jakte Raho

Mother tongue is our birthright.Learning and using other languages ​​is done by personal choice.This has been the right of South India for 75 years.North East will reflect the same. HindiIt is unwise to impose it on others to develop it. Impositions are resisted.

had posted as In this post, “HindiIt is unwise to impose it on others to develop it” and has stirred up a lot of controversy.

Recently, Rahul Gandhiof “Bharat Jodo Yatra“When Will Kamal walked along, Kamal Joining the Congress? Many people questioned. Especially when speaking on stage,

“My father Congress Carer is. But, I’ve moved around and now I’ve started a party of my own. But not only Tamil but the title of Indian makes us all one family”

as Rahul Gandhi Regarding Kamal It can be said that what was said made this controversy even bigger.

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Despite many parties that have not been successful in politics for many years, since its arrival, Vijaykanth’s DMDK, which has seen the ruling party playing, is an innovation party that gives some confidence to the people.People’s Justice Centre” However, from time to time the founder and leader of the party Kamalwith some confusing actions and such horribly outspoken comments, it can be said that the trust in him is a little shaken.

Moreover, There will be no alliance with any party chanting emphatically several times Kamalrecently there have been many speculations that other parties are indirectly invited to join the alliance.

Why, to Vikraman, a member of the Liberation Tigers Party, a participant in the popular private television show “Bigg Boss”, If you come out there will be many tasks to do“Also, even in different places, i.e. in different parties, we should focus only on serving the people,” he said on his side. Kamal Not only the fans of the show but also many political commentators expressed their views on this as if he tried to drag him.

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Further, Bharat Jodo YatraBow With Rahul Having taken a walk together, Kamal With Congress After the question of whether internet is waiting, of Kerala CBI– In support of the National Ruling Party ((BJP) His comments, which can speak in support of opposing views, are currently stirring up a lot of controversy.

Thus, Hindi With only the stuffing as an excuse, Marxist PartyHold up the communist flag Congress With the arms of the party People’s Justice CentreMany people have doubts whether K Karam also wants to join.

Pooja Ramakrishnan

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