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Iron Man’s death changed Nick Fury, reveals Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson reveals secrets about his character in the MCU and talks about how the deaths of Iron Man and Black Widow affected Nick Fury.

Iron Man's death changed Nick Fury, reveals Samuel L. Jackson

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The aftermath and pain of the hero’s loss were seen quite prominently in Spider-Man: Far From Homecom Peter Parker suffering from the loss of his great mentor, but he was not the only one who suffered and changed with Tony’s death.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Samuel L. Jacksono Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, revealed that the reason his character was off Earth was to try to process everything that had happened, such as the death of Iron Man and the Black Widow:

Even Nick Fury can be shaken, you know? He’s upstairs trying to process what the hell just happened, you know? And what is his place in the world. Iron Man’s death, Black Widow’s death, with those things going on, he kind of took a look.

The hero has also changed in another way: he is no longer wearing the eyepatch in Secret Invasion. Talking about it, Samuel says that the accessory was “part of who was strong Nick Fury” and his lack is “part of your vulnerability now”:

He just doesn’t wear the eyepatch. The accessory is part of who was the strong Nick Fury. It’s part of his vulnerability now. You can look at that and see that he’s not this perfectly indestructible person. He doesn’t feel like that guy.

This demonstrates, above all, great character development based on recent events in this universe that would certainly shake people up. It’s always nice to see the big moments generating big changes in the future of each of the characters.

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Legacy interviewed legendary actor Laurence Fishburne!

We at Marvel Legacy are proud to share our first interview of 2023, which was simply with the iconic Laurence Fishburne! Yes, we interviewed Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy and so many other classics!

The actor, who voiced the Silver Surfer in the 2007 Fantastic Four movie, returns to the Marvel universe thanks to the animation Moon Girl and the Demon Dinosaur!

Where Laurence serves as an executive producer and also voices one of the characters, the mighty Beyonder! In addition to him, the interview also features Steve Loter, renowned producer and animator who has already commanded animations such as “Kim Possible” and “Penguins of Madagascar”.

Watch the interview right below and mark your calendar: the animation arrives at Brazilian Disney+ on March 15th!


Secret Invasion will be a Marvel Studios-exclusive series for Disney+, with 6 episodes. The series will finally adapt the 2008 comic that shows the epic and elaborate attempt of alien skrulls to conquer Earth, infiltrating the most different layers of society.

The cast features the return of Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Ben Mendelsohn (Stalks) and Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill). In addition to them, we will have the premieres of Emilia Clarke (a Daenerys de Game of Thrones), a premiada Olivia Colman e Kingsley Ben-Adir. Kyle Bradstreet (Mr. Robot) will write and lead producer on the series, which will be Marvel’s first in 2023.

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