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I miss my mother so much…Actress Preetha Losechi at the opening ceremony of Goodluck Studios!

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Director Hari and his wife jointly inaugurated the 40-year-old legacy of Goodluck Cinemas, renaming it as Goodluck Studios.

Vijay Kumar’s daughter Preeta and son-in-law Hari have renamed the 40-year-old tradition of Goodluck Theater owned by popular Tamil actor Vijay Kumar as Goodluck Studios. In this case, the opening ceremony was held at Virugambakkam, Chennai. Actors Surya, Thalivasal Vijay, Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker Appavu, Ministers Anitha Radhakrishnan, Shekhar Babu, producer S. Along with R Prabhu, actor Vijayakumar, actresses Preeta, Sri Devi and director Hari also participated.

Actor Vijayakumar warmly welcomed Appavu, who came to the program. Next, actor Surya also welcomed Speaker Appavu and was talking to him. Later, Goodluck Studios was inaugurated in the presence of actor Surya and Assembly Speaker Appavu.

Actor Vijayakumar, who met the media after that, said that he started the Goodluck Theater in Chennai 40 years ago and named it Goodluck Theater because everyone should have good luck. But now this Goodluck Theater has changed its name and my son-in-law and daughter have started a studio with the same name. He also said that this studio should serve the film/art industry for many more years.

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Speaking to the media, Director Hari said, Goodluck Preview Theater is a place where many Chief Ministers watched movies 40 years ago, so we have changed the name to Goodluck Studio to keep the brand name. Kodambakkam, Vadapalani and Saligramam are the important places for cinema, so he said that he thought that we should start a company in that area as a symbol of our presence in cinema and now we have started this. After thanking Suriya, he also gave some update that he will announce the next film in 10 days.

Later, actress Preeta, who met the press, said that today is a very important, happy day, a dream come true. Goodluck Studios is like a child to us. The name Goodluck was started by my father 40 years ago. We feel very proud and blessed to bring it back. At this moment I miss my mother very much and I would have been very happy if she was there. Their love is forever. Leschi Pata said that you should also always support.

Actress Sridevi, who regularly met the media, said that she is very happy to have started Goodluck Studios with her sister and uncle. This name is very close to our family. He said that it is a matter of pride that the name Goodluck is coming back to our family after 40 years.

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