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How to have dinner without pants in a fancy restaurant (and not be disturbed) – 03/28/2023 – Cozinha Bruta

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Discover, that Google service that opens an unsolicited tab in the cell phone’s browser, every morning presents me with some curious news.

On Tuesday (28), for example, I learned that the Terrace Italy restaurantin the center of São Paulo, had the sentence increased in a lawsuit brought by a client who arrived wearing shorts for dinner and was forced to wear a waiter’s pants.

That citizen would have gone to the restaurant –an old, straight and formal place– to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Once seated, he says, he was advised that he would not be served unless he wore long pants.

As no one takes an extra pair of pants to dinner, the solution found was to borrow a uniform from the maître d’ of the place.

Afterwards, the client processed Terraço Itália. Justice understood that the restaurant can impose a dress code, as long as this is clearly communicated to customers.

In this case, it was proved that the booking confirmation email did not say anything about pants and shorts. The house was condemned, in 2022, to pay R$ 2000 to the man – an amount that has just been increased to R$ 10,000.

Some things are quite peculiar in the episode. What do you mean, a restaurant offers an employee’s pants to a customer? And how does the guy accept the proposal? I would have sent Terraço Itália to pick up coconuts and celebrate the wedding with a ham from Estadão Lanches.

However: each, each.

There are people who like it and insist on going to formal places. To these people, I advise you to wear long pants. In the US, for example, there are restaurants that even require a jacket and tie in the “dress code”.

In these places, if you arrive unprepared, there are usually pieces on loan. In general, ugly, old and flashy things, which leave the forgotten looking like Didi Mocó. I suspect it is deliberate.

So if you want same going in shorts to a fancy restaurant, there are some possibilities that are more or less risky.

Those who like adrenaline can try to find out the name of the maître d’ of the place and arrive treating the figure as if it were intimate. Tip: look on Linkedin.

These employees deal with thousands of people, smile at everyone and hardly remember most faces. Arriving in confidence can create the impression that you are someone important and eccentric. If it works, excellent; if it goes wrong, it’s a bit humiliating.

Less risky is choosing a hotel restaurant. Hotels tend to be more flexible with attire because many customers are also guests, and guests move around the premises more relaxed.

Fasano in Rio de Janeiro had a kiosk on Ipanema beach. I, who am not a typical Fasano customer, once I went to do a story there. Talking to the manager, the subject came up with shorts and flip-flops. There was an exceptionality, a Fasano environment in which the bathing suit was accepted.

Then I asked how it would be if I tried to have dinner at the restaurant, inside the hotel, with shorts and flip-flops. The guy was a bit wary and, after thinking it over, replied that the staff would try to get an outside table. Ipanema, man.

Better than offering the waiter’s uniform, right?

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