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How is this week for Aries, Taurus and Gemini? | Benefits @ March 23-29 | Vara Rasi Palan for March 23-29

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Aries (Ashwini, Bharani, Kartika 1st Padam) Planetary position – Rahu, Shukran in Rasi – Mars in Dariya Viriya Sthana – Ketu in Saptham Sthana – Saturn in Vrayya Sthana – Jupiter, Sun, Mercury in Virayya Sthana.

Benefits: You can get success in all your endeavors this week. You will break all barriers. The sluggish state of physical health will change. Cash flows will be relaxed. You can keep your promise. The anger that others had on you will go away. There will be improvement in business. There will be a situation where you have to start a new business.

It is better for those who are at work to take care of the tasks calmly and not in a hurry. There will be heavy workload. There will be minor upsets in the family. It is better to protect the items carefully.

It is better to avoid making any promises to women. Reducing anger is beneficial for artists. It is better for politicians to maintain a friendly environment with the upper hand. Students will improve academically.

Remedy: By worshiping Kumara with Kantashashti Kavasam, all the benefits and resources will come.

Taurus (Karthikai 2nd, 3rd, 4th Padas, Rohini, Mriga Srisha 1st, 2nd, Padas) Planetary Position – Mars in Tanavaku Family Sthana – Ketu in Rana Runa Roha Sthana – Saturn in Bhakya Sthana – Guru, Sun, Mercury in Lapa Sthana – Rahu in Ayana Sayana Boga Sthana The planetary position is Venus.

Benefits: Unnecessary frivolity may occur this week. Friends and relatives may have vain regrets. You will be interested in buying things that you have been wanting to buy for a long time. It is beneficial to exercise moderation and patience in anything. Confusions related to business will be removed. Creative ideas emerge.

Those who are employed will plan and do things and achieve expected success. There will be happiness in the family. There will be intimacy between husband and wife. There will be auspicious expenses. Sobriety is required while driving.

It is better for women to avoid vain arguments. There will be material additions to those in the arts. Politicians may get unnecessarily confused. Planning lessons for students can help them succeed academically.

Remedy: Worshiping Mahalakshmi by chanting Mahalakshmi Ashtakam will boost economic status.

Gemini (Mrikasireesham 3, 4 Padas, Tiruvadhirai, Punarbhusam 1, 2, 3 Padas) Planetary position – Mars in Rasi – Ketu in Panchama Sthana – Saturn in Ashtama Sthana – Guru, Sun, Mercury in Career Sthana – Rahu, Sukra in Lapa Sthana.

Benefits: This week will get rid of vain worries. There will be nightmares. Cash flow is satisfactory. Get help from friends. Luxury expenses will be incurred. Controlling anger is beneficial. Business will be satisfactory. Business expenses will increase. You will be active in expanding the business.

Those who are employed will have to work hard. It can cause fatigue. The confusion in the family will be removed and everyone will value your word. But it is better to speak calmly to anyone. Women will have good fortune. Saving habits will increase.

Expected opportunities will come to the artists. All the plans that the politicians have in mind can be done properly. Students will not worry about higher education. But to succeed in education one has to work hard.

Remedy: By offering a drink to Narasimha and serving it, the confusion will be removed. Wealth level will increase. Planetary Positions This Week:

– Perungulam Ramakrishna Josyar

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Rasi Balan, all the benefits mentioned in astrology are predictions of the astrologer. They are not the views of ‘Hindu Tamil Vektik’.

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