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History TV 18’s Corona Vaccine Production Documentary ‘The Field’ Trailer Released!

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The trailer of ‘The Vial’, a 60-minute long documentary produced by History TV-18, which describes the events from the preparation of the Corona vaccine to its administration to the people, is drawing attention.

India’s corona vaccine distribution program was the largest in the world. It is surprising how the government led by Prime Minister Modi has achieved this. During the time of corona virus, India provided immense help to the world by providing vaccines to the world. The efforts of the central government led by Prime Minister Modi have benefited not only India but also the world.

History TV 18 Channel has made a documentary called ‘The Field’ to document the journey of the Corona vaccine. Its trailer is now out and is getting a lot of response. In this documentary Manoj Bajpayee, who is a leading actor of Hindi film industry, describes the production of anti-coronavirus medicine. This documentary has been made to cover Prime Minister Modi’s speech for the first time. The Vial documentary is slated to release on March 24.

In general, people are probably more aware of how the corona vaccine works. But how the drug was created in this documentary. Discusses the challenges encountered during the research. The documentary also features the interviews of Athar Poonawalla, the head of the Serum Institute, a major company involved in the production of the Corona vaccine, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

The documentary has been made in chronological order of the discovery of the vaccine against Corona. It documents everything from the collection of samples at the National Institute of Virology, Pune to the production of crores of vials (vials).

Manoj Bajpai said, “History TV 18 has made this documentary to add specialness to India and Indian people. Every Indian should be proud of this documentary. This documentary is dedicated to the medical workers who fought on the frontline during Corona and saved lives. It is because of them and the medical scientists who accepted the challenges and invented vaccines that we come out of the house today,” he said.

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The central government has made a concerted effort to include anti-coronavirus drugs for those who are in inaccessible places and those living in unusual places. They are also documented. Today, 130 crore people have administered the first dose of the corona vaccine. It is worth mentioning that India has supplied around 23.24 crore medicine vials to 100 countries across the world.

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