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Here are the important events of Namakkal district…

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Namakkal Here you can find a brief summary of important events that took place in the district…

Muslims engaged in special prayers in a procession before Ramadan!

It is customary to celebrate Ramadan after fasting in the month of Ramadan by counting the crescent moon that appears next to the new moon that may occur in that month. Accordingly, in Tamilnadu, they observed the crescent moon on 3rd April last and observed a month-long fast. Then they completed their fast after seeing the crescent yesterday. Meanwhile, today, ahead of Egai Thirunala, they took part in processions and special prayers in various parts of Namakkal district.

From your city(name stone)

And after gathering together at one place and offering prayers, everyone hugged each other and happily shared all Ramzan greetings.

People throng jewelery shops on the occasion of Akshay Trithi

A large number of people thronged jewelery shops in various parts of Namakkal on the occasion of Akshaya Trithi. Shops open before 8 am and start business. People thronged shops in the shopping street to buy jewelery for weddings and special occasions for their homes.

The green road formed by the efforts of friends!

In Namakkal district near Thiruchengode, a town called Water Pandal Palayam, an organization called Green Friends Group has continuously planted trees along the roadside with the aim of making green everywhere, and now it is said to be a green road.

Rain with strong wind in Namakkal

Despite the scorching sun in Namakkal district, it has been raining with strong winds and thunder for the past few days. It rains especially in the evenings. It rained in various parts of the district with strong winds today.

Notice of public grievance meeting dates on behalf of Namakkal Power Distribution Circle!

A monthly people’s grievance redressal meeting is held by the Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation. The dates and times for this have been published.

On behalf of the Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation, Namakkal Power Distribution Circle, the monthly public grievance redressal meeting for the month of May is to meet the public directly in the respective divisional offices and receive complaints and resolve the grievances of the people. So people can attend and express their grievances on the specified date.

There is no change in egg prices in Namakkal Mandal

In Namakkal Mandal, the price of eggs has been fixed at 3 rupees 60 paise for the past few days and the purchase has not changed. Meanwhile, it was decided to change the price of eggs by raising it by 20 paise and now after a few days the price of eggs has gone up slightly and is being purchased at 3 rupees 80 paise. After a long time, the price of eggs in Namakkal Mandal has been decreasing, but now it has increased slightly.

The price of vegetables sold at the farmers market!

A few vegetables and fruits are being sold at a slight increase of Rs 2, 5 to Rs 10 in the Namakkal Farmers Market. Also, the price of most of the vegetables was lower than yesterday’s price, and the sale was favorable.

Crowds gathered at the butcher shops

Ahead of Ramzan in Namakkal district, people bought meat from curry shops in surrounding areas. Meat shops were crowded as Muslim brothers flocked to buy large quantities of meat to serve biryani and feast to their friends and relatives.

16 goats were killed by lightning

Ponnusamy is engaged in goat rearing business in Samayasangli area. He keeps the goats in the bar near the house every evening after grazing. Suddenly there was thunder and lightning rain. In the morning Ponnusamy came to Patti and found 16 goats dead after being struck by lightning.

A woman tried to commit suicide by jumping into Cauvery river

Namakkal District Pallipalayam

Near Radha. He was a power loom laborer and was depressed due to family problems. Following this, Radha attempted suicide by jumping into the Kavithi river from the Cauvery bridge on the road to Erode. At that time, the fisherman who was fishing in Paralisil in the river was shocked to see it and tried to accept the woman who was floundering in the water. A young man who was having fun at that time tried to commit suicide by stabbing Radha in the water and brought him ashore in a gift.

Ex-Government School Students Meet

Fort Government City High School is functioning at Namakkal. A reunion program was held for the former students and teachers who studied from 6th to 10th standard in this school from 1997 to 2002. More than 60 ex-students and their teachers participated in this program and shared their experiences. Former students honored their teachers by wrapping them in bonnadi and presenting them with mementos.

Correspondent: S. Madankumar-Namakkal

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