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He visited 7 wonders of the world in 6 days..! Amazing video recording..

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Everyone dreams of seeing the Seven Wonders of the World someday. But for many, that wish ends up being a dream. Britain’s Jamie MacDonald has made that dream a reality, with a Guinness World Record. Do you know how long it took Jamie to see the Seven Wonders of the World? Just six days, 16 hours, 14 minutes. Jamie, known as ‘Adventurerman’ on the internet, completed this adventure with the help of Travelport, a travel technology company. Currently awaiting Guinness World Record recognition.

Jamie posted a video of his adventure on Instagram. This adventurer has traveled across four continents to see the seven wonders. In total, he has set foot in nine countries and traveled 22,856 km by 13 by plane, 9 by bus, 4 by train, 16 by taxi and by snowmobile. His first step on this journey was the Great Wall of China. From there to the Taj Mahal, then to Petra in Jordan, and then to the Colosseum in Rome. Jamie went to South America for the last leg of the trip.

There, the statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil, Machu Picchu in Peru, and finally Chichen Itza in Mexico to complete his adventure. Even if it was a moment late, missing the train in Delhi, being late at the airport to go from Rome to Rio, this Guinness World Record attempt was not without some hiccups. “Ready. Steady. Go for Guinness,” Jamie captioned his video. Jamie Macdonald’s fans have gone crazy after watching this video. “Awesome, congratulations on your endeavours! Cool” posted a fan.

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“Wow! This video has mesmerized one and many people saying that it is both cringeworthy and epic at the same time. “This is one of the most engaging and enjoyable videos I’ve seen in a long time,” one person commented online. Super Hero Foundation supports the families of people with disabilities. Jamie undertook this adventure to raise funds for the organization.

Doctors have warned Jamie’s family that he will gradually lose the ability to walk after suffering from a rare childhood disease called syringoma. But at the age of nine, Jamie improved his health with the help of doctors. Although there was little time to visit the Seven Wonders on this trip, the adventurer says it was as exciting as drinking coffee.

Saying that the Taj Mahal has a place in his heart that will never go away, Jamie said, “I cried when I saw the Taj Mahal in person. I have never cried at any building before. Taj Mahal was so beautiful,” he says. This is not the first time that he has set a record by traveling to all seven wonders of the world within a week. In 2019, YouTuber Simon Wilson visited all seven miracles in six days, nine hours and three minutes.

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