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Fourth Pillar | Journalist, Film Maker, Actor Fisherman Mehul Bhai Maje Me Hai Fourth Pillar 4th Pillar Narendra Modi Mehul Choksi Interpol Red Corner Notice

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Fourth Pillar | Journalist, filmmaker, actor fisherman, Mehul Bhai Maje Mein Hai

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh (Congress Leader) gave the slogan that day – “Modi Sarkarke do sage bhai, ED aur CBI.” ED and CBI are two brothers from one mother’s womb of Modi government. But we also know about hundreds of brothers. Daud Bhai, Munna Bhai. On top of them, the market is currently hot with some of Modiji’s known brothers. On the top of the list is Mehul Bhai Choksi (Fugitive Diamantaire Mehul Choksi), he has left the country with 13 thousand crores of rupees and is sitting in Antigua. So far, Interpol’s Red Corner Notice had been issued to catch him (Red Corner Notice Issued by Interpol), which means that whenever he left Antigua (Antigua) to go anywhere, he would have been stopped. Interpol has withdrawn the red corner notice issued against him after three years. Therefore, he is now Free, Independent and Democratic. Usha on Mars, legs on Mercury, go wherever you want. On the contrary, he said that two agents of the Indian intelligence agency tried to kidnap him. That effort is still ongoing, so his life is in danger if he goes to India. So, for now, he’s singing while sipping Malibu Rum in Antigua with his girlfriends.

Modiji (Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India) said, Na khaunga aur na khane dunga. Remembering that, Mehulvai chuckles. Another Vinod Bhai Adani, also a brother, is getting a quote from our defense department from Mauritius by creating anonymous company. Gautam Bhai Adani’s name is now known to the horses of Gaur field. Buying your own shares, raising the market yourself, borrowing and buying assets with that borrowed money, showing it and borrowing again. For now, one after another, Ghapla is slightly embarrassed. But the real brother has his hand on that head. Another fraudster’s name comes forward, Kiran Bhai Patel. Again with the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) papers in his hands, he is roaming around with Z Plus security, caught for now. But it is not known how long he will stay in court. Because the news is out of print, no national media is following up on this news. Which brother’s instructions? don’t know

On the other hand, Nithyananda Babaji, accused in the case of rape and murder in our country, established the Hindu state of Kailash. Not only that, his representative appeared for the second time at a meeting of the United Nations and spoke about the country. The first time may have been a surprise, but within a year the delegation was again at a meeting of the United Nations. Not Accused, Convicted, Means Punished, Punished for Murder and Rape, Dera Sacha Sauda Ram Rahim Insan, He is getting Parole the day he wants. Z+ Security for him after his release from jail on parole, he addresses a gathering of his fans. What’s going on? Which brother has a hand on the head of these thieves, cowards, hypocrites, violent murderers? Someone has a hand, otherwise these four twenty fraud people are not in jail, but how are they living in peace?

Now let’s see the other picture. A Kannada actor, Chetan Kumar, Kannada Actor, tweeted – 1) Hinduism is built on a lie, Savarkar says, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, the state of India started, it is a lie. . 2) 1992, Babri Masjid Ram’s Birthplace This is false. 3) Urigowda Nanjigowda killed Tipu Sultan This is also false. You may not agree with these words, these words may be debated, but Chetan Kumar was arrested by the police for tweeting these words. The Bajrang Dal declared the tweet offensive to Hindu sentiments, after which he was arrested. Allegedly, he was spreading tension on the basis of religion. He was arrested under several sections of the Indian Penal Code and was naturally not granted bail. That is, Chetan Kumar does not have that one and only hand on his head.

Come to our office for five minutes, that was the request. Irfan Mehraj, a journalist working in Kashmir (Irfan Mehraj, Kashmiri Journalist) is the editor of TCL Live. He went to the NIA office, where he was arrested. Human rights activist Khurram Parvez has also been arrested in the same case. Irfan Mehraj used to write and report regularly in newspapers like Caravan, Article Fortin, Al Jazeera. He had been giving several reports on human rights violations for the past few months. For now, he has been accused of helping terrorists and collecting money. It can be said now that he will not see the sky outside the jail for the next three-four years. The reason? The hand of that one and only brother is not on his head.

Then come to the third story. Now the movie. The name of the movie is Rahad. Anubhav Sinha, Indian film director. The subject of the movie is Migration. The Prime Minister of the country has announced the Covid Lockdown, not even 24 hours, many people have walked for miles, with children on their shoulders, not even dry bread, migrant workers have been killed under the train. Brutal treatment by the administration, trying to return home somehow if alive, burning in plastic bags if dead. Anubhav has shown that cruel picture. Naturally, the first attempt was made to block it with the censor board, but now the Hindu forces have fallen behind. First through social media and now direct threats. Not only the director but also the cinema hall owner. Attempts to stop the display of images are not new. The reason? Because he is not Akshay Kumar, because he wants to show some important truth and the most important thing is that he does not have the hand of that elder brother on his head. Of course, if the elder brother had his hand in the head, he would not have made this picture.

There is no rule of law in the country anymore, the country is running under the orders of the fat brother, according to his will and pleasure. And that’s right, Mehul Bhai, the list of silent brothers is huge, in that huge list there are Pushpesh Baid, Ashish Jobanputra, Vijay Mallya, Sunny Kalra, Sanjay Kalra, Sudhir Kumar Kalra, Aarti Kalra, Varsha Kalra, Jatin Mehta, Umesh Parekh, Kamlesh Parekh, Nilesh Parekh , Eklavya Garg, Vinay Mittal, Nirav Modi, Neeshal Modi, Mehul Choksi, Sabya Seth, Rajiv Goyal, Alka Goyal, Lalit Modi, Nitin Jayantilal Sandesara, Chetankumar Sandesara, Ritesh Jain, Hitesh Narendrabhai Patel, Mayuriben Patel Patel) and Priti Ashish Jobanputra.

Majority of them are from Gujrat, one-half from other states. Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi knows several of them personally. All of them fled the country with at least one lakh crore rupees. Not a single one of them is a fisherman, everyone is living happily and peacefully in different places abroad, sometimes they are seen walking around wearing jackets worth 5 lakh rupees, they are seen hanging out with their girlfriends at Sea Beach. Some of them are cricket lovers, going to watch cricket in the field. All in all Divya is there. The biggest fact is that they all left the country after 2014, is there any difficulty in understanding that each of them has the hand of that one and only man? Every moment the government is talking big about corruption, it is arranging to send almost the entire opposition party to jail and really heating up the gallery after catching corruption of two to four hundred crore rupees, because of which the government is keeping people in jail for no reason, after years. The protestors are rotting in jail for years, on the other hand, Mehul Bhai, Nirav Bhai, Lalit Bhai, Jatin Bhai and the big and small brothers are silent about this and needless to say, this game has not stopped, this list is more. Longer will be, many more brothers will be included in this list. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh spoke of two brothers in this government, but the number of brothers is many and they are growing.

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