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Exclusive: Because of this, he said yes without reading the script of Bhola, Vineet Kumar made this interesting disclosure

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Actor Vineet Kumar will be seen playing an important role of Deepak Dobriyal in Ajay Devgn’s upcoming film Bhola. He calls Bhola a shocking film. He tells that the audience will be very attentive in Bhola, because it is a story of a common man’s willpower.

What was most appealing to you about the script of Bhola?

I said yes to the film without reading the script, because Ajay ji called me from the front. I know that without any reason Ajay ji neither calls anyone nor gives work. This in itself is a guarantee that Ajay ji is saying something, means there is something in it and if you are able to do it, it will become something.

What do you think is the most special thing about Ajay Devgan?

I respect Ajay ji a lot because he gives a lot of respect. Man is hungry for respect only. If we give a handful, he gives it back with a bucket full. He does not show anyone small in front of him, whereas he is a very big personality. We had also worked with him in Kachche Dhaage 23 years ago. Nothing has changed in them since that time. He takes everyone along, due to which every person associated with his film gives his best.

Bhola is a big masala film, after Bhola how many are ready for offers of such films?

I am not worried about him. I work with my mind. All I can say for sure is that I can never say no to Ajay ji. I have told those who see my work that if something comes from Ajay ji, then say yes.

You are also a part of Zee Theatre’s Hindi literature project Koi Baat Chale?

Seema Pahwa ji, Manto sahab and platform all things were correct, so did not have to find many reasons. Along with this, the purpose related to this project appealed to me more and more that how you can popularize literature as much as possible.

Which stories of Manto can be called relevant even today?

Nothing relevant right now. There will be debate on that again. We take it as entertainment. Let’s not talk about other aspects related to it. Let’s start with entertainment first, then it will become a habit and will automatically come into practice.

Apart from Manto, what other stories of Indian literature can entertain people even today?

You pick any name. You pick up Renu. You pick up the prasad. Everything is interesting, but the problem is that the period in which these literatures have been composed. The present generation does not even know about the social and economic system of that time, hey, today’s generation does not even know anything about the 90’s. If you ask him if he knows Nagarjuna, he will tell the identity of South’s superstar. No one knows Renu ji either. Raj Kapoor’s third oath seems needed to identify him. All these problems are political somewhere.

Has Hindi literature gone too far from Hindi cinema?

Because the people who are writing the stories of films, they cannot see cinema in it, because they do not understand. In earlier times, those who used to write stories for films were knowledgeable about Hindi literature. Today’s authors read bestsellers. He does not read Hindi literature. In our times, Ranu, Rajvansh and Gulshan Nanda used to be bestsellers. If people were seen reading in our time, they would have been beaten up.

Do you think our English education is also responsible for this?

Now it has become a political question. What to do with English. If we stay with him for two hundred years, we will follow his literature only. Whether we understand it or not. Many debates will start after that. Leave Hindi literature, people are afraid to talk in Hindi. A question was asked to me that you are from Bihar, you don’t have any problem. I said Why would there be a crisis? He said that Bihari people are nervous here. If you understand English and start answering in Hindi, then after a while they start having problems.

How much has Hindi literature contributed to your acting?

Since we have studied Hindi literature, I think that those are the values. They have come from there. people with whom he worked. He grew more understanding and started reading. Hindi literature increased sensitivity and also understood human sensibilities. Even now I keep reading, because without reading work is not possible. I cannot sleep without reading.

How do you find time to study in the hectic acting schedule?

I don’t work much. I think unless you give more rest to mind, your mind will not be able to create anything new.It will start copying your previous work.Machines are not.Very rarely it happens when I do one project after another. By the way, the almighty has given this facility that the problem of money does not happen in the same way, the day there will be a problem of money. We will also start it. Money bothers you and your power increases with money and power makes you popular and we have no attachment to all these.

The question is how are you living your life. Do whatever you want. Become the biggest actor of the universe, but you are not able to live life, then what is the point. You do not have friends. You don’t have people who understand you. Can always support you. In olden times it was also said that earn four men. In today’s time, people do not even have four men. People have a crowd. Man is not four. We have gone away from life, this is the fault of that. We are only running after money and power.

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