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Do you want to start a garden at home? Here’s the easy way!

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Let’s see in detail how to buy a kit for terraced garden which is subsidized by the Tamil Nadu government.

At that time, there was a garden and a well in the house, so they used the small vegetables they needed in the garden. But in today’s modern world, because there is no garden in every house, they are growing vegetables on the floor of the house.

To increase the number of terraced gardens, the Tamil Nadu government is giving the materials needed for terraced gardens at subsidized rates. If you want to buy the necessary materials for a terraced garden, go to the nearest horticulture office in your area and give your photograph and Aadhaar card there, the officials there will give us an application form to ask for the things we need to set up a terraced garden.

From your city(Madurai)

If we fill it and give it away, we will call them on the phone within two days and they will tell us to come and get it and then we can go and get it. This kit can also be purchased online.

How to go to google tnhorticulture.tn.gov.in Search for that and click on terrace garden kit website and it will open the terrace garden page. Click on application and then a form for floor garden will open. In that form fill in their name, Aadhaar number, father’s name, district, address, phone number, etc. and then go down, there is a section called terrace garden package, in which we have to select how many kits we want. You may have an option to know what is included in this package.

If you click on it, you will get the full details of what is included in the Multi Planter Set, so far if you want to know the price of this set, there is an option to know the price. 450 rupees is given by the Tamil Nadu government at a subsidized price near nine thousand valuable padi gardens.

After looking at this, if you go down, you will be asked for your photo and Aadhaar card details, and if you bill it, you will get a registration number from the horticulture department via SMS. In this way, you can set up a terrace garden in every house in a natural way by using the terrace garden kit.

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