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Bathing in this pond cures diseases… A villager’s belief… Strange in West Bengal…!

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Pond, river, sea etc. are associated with spirituality. In many places in India, it is customary to bathe in ponds, seas, etc., adjacent to temples, after performing puja, yag, and temple darshan. It is also believed that if you bathe in certain places, diseases will be cured.

In that way, a wonderful information about a pond in West Bengal has come out. Locals in West Bengal claim that taking a dip in a pond here in Howrah cures ailments. Full details about this can be found here.

Residents of Howrah and its surrounding areas in Kolkata report that taking a dip in the Moda Bukur pond brings about many changes in the body. That is, according to the local residents, if they wake up from drowning in this pool, they say that thin people’s bodies will become a little greasy, and bathing in this pool will cure various diseases in the body. The benefits of bathing in the pool are shared throughout West Bengal and the pool is very popular.

This area, which is now a pond, was once a large lake some many years ago. The entire lake was filled with lotus plants and fish. Now all the residents of Howrah and surrounding districts come to bathe in this pond. Bathing in it is believed to cure various diseases. Apart from that, it is also reported to make the skinny body plump.

If a pond is so glorious then there will surely be a famous temple nearby. On the banks of this pond there is a temple and a tree of Goddess Chandi which is popular in northern states. It is believed that before taking a bath or stepping into the pool water, the tree should be worshiped with turmeric and kumkum.

After bathing in the pool, devotees go to the temple and pray to the goddess to cure their ailments. Apart from that, those who have been cured of diseases and those who have recovered, all perform pooja and sacrifices after their prayers are fulfilled. Every Sunday a considerable number of devotees sit on the banks of the pond and perform puja.

The belief is that after taking a bath in the pond, one should bathe at home in the water taken from the pond for the next two days. Thus they take water from the pool at home. An administrator of this temple said that the water of this pond has many medicinal properties.

He said that it helps to correct physical problems in women and children. Apart from diseases and health disorders, many people come to this temple to bathe and offer prayers to fulfill their ambition, desire, dreams and success.

A local resident reported that people who are very thin, malnourished and suffering from a few diseases come and bathe in this pool and become healthy. As the news spread across the country about the miracles that can be achieved by bathing in this pond, people from outside the area also come to bathe in this pond after hearing this information.

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After the prayers are fulfilled, they come back and perform puja to pay their debt of gratitude, News 18 News was exclusively told. The medicinal properties of pond water have not been scientifically proven. However the locals have a high degree of faith and devotion.

Following this, facilities are being improved for devotees visiting the temple from many places. This temple of Goddess Chandi and this medicinal pond is located near Bangan Library Junction on the Bangan-Shampur State Highway.

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