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Astro Tips : Get To Know The Right Moment To Do Any Important Job Outside Home On 27 May, 2023

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Kolkata: Be it a wedding ceremony or a banquet at home. Celebrating a religious event or festival. Or go on a trip somewhere. There is a trend in Hinduism to see the auspicious time for these things. And his reference is Panjika or Panji. This book mentions – Kalbeladi, Kalratri and Yatra. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a householder to not have a panji in his house.

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But, how is this panji written? This book is written mostly based on astrology. Therefore, in most cases, some of the terminology used in this book may not be understood by many people. But, astrologers understand them easily. Under the influence of various planets and stars, the fate of a person is written as soon as they are born, their good time, bad time, how they can get good results – all these information are presented in various Panjis. Fortune-telling is based on that. So, at the beginning of the new year, a panji entered the house of a Bengali householder. From now on our report will highlight various information including daily – kalbeladi, kalratri and yatra.

Today is 12th Jashi, May 27 –

Sunrise- 4:56 am

Sunset – 6:13 PM

Timings – 6:36, 1:14 to 2:54, 4:33 to 6:13

Kalratri – 7:33, between 3:36 and 4:56

Yatra- No, no Yatra after 10:18 pm Central East, no re-yatra after 3:36 pm.

Good luck – no

(Source: Benimadhava Sheel)

Today’s horoscope at a glance

Aries: Various thoughts will come to mind on this day. But don’t ignore them. Focus on exercise. If you are busy, negative thoughts will not come to your mind. If you are involved in some kind of legal battle regarding financial matters, judgment may come in your favor on this day. Learn to be patient, don’t hurt anyone with bad behavior for no reason. Have a good time alone.

Taurus: You will be in a light mood today. Spend free time. Take a look at your property and make the right decision regarding it. Otherwise, you will face problems in the future. If you want to meet someone, you can do it on this day. Going somewhere far away for business related work will bring results. Old problems with partner will be resolved.

Gemini: Join a sport. If you want to get better financial security in the future, focus on saving now. You will get all kinds of help from your partner. You will be in a good mood. You can make a special plan. Good news can come from anywhere.

Cancer: Can think of investing in a good place. Mind will be good. Can think clearly and make decisions. A happy moment may come in the life of those who are married. Relationships can improve. Elderly people will get blessings.

Leo: You will have energy today. Good day to start something new. You can benefit financially on this day. You have to keep your temper under control though, or damage may result. You can talk to an old friend after a long time. You can get gifts from boyfriend or girlfriend. Finish work on time and give time to family.

Virgo: Despite being busy, health conditions will be good. Do not make any investment on this day. Friends may feel bad at work for some reason. Partner use can also hurt. On this day, you can hear good news about yourself from someone. Do the housework when you have free time.

Libra: Excessive stress is not good. By maintaining a positive mindset, you can avoid any stress. Don’t overspend, otherwise you may be financially stressed. In that case, personal relationships may also suffer. The relationship with the partner is generally good, but in some cases there may be an argument about an old incident.

Scorpio: People are happy in your presence. Your words make them feel good. Keep up this work. Those who spend with both hands, be careful about spending. Focus on savings. Money may be needed suddenly for some reason. Good day to meet an old friend. There will be no problem between you and your partner even if there is a provocation from a third party.

Sagittarius: If you have a hobby, you can make time for it. You will be fine if you do that in your spare time. You can spend this day for spiritual reasons. Peace of mind will come to you. Talk to your parents before taking any decision. You will be happy with your partner’s work today.

Capricorn: A close friend may introduce you to someone who will benefit you. If you work to collect capital, you will be successful in it today. You can get the money back on this day. Spend time on family, rekindle personal relationships. People associated with creative work can get a good job.

Aquarius: This day can be spent in busyness. Take care of your health and your life. A new income opportunity may come today. You can explain the responsibility of housework to the child. A relationship may suddenly start. If you are worried about your work, think about it yourself. You can get the money back on this day.

Pisces: Do not create undue pressure on anyone. Give importance to their likes and dislikes. Then you will be fine. There may be a good communication regarding the property. When you are in a good mood, others around you will be as well. Ideal day to resolve misunderstandings with partner.

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