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Ambikapur News: Man finds himself connected with theater artists – Ambikapur News: Ambikapur News: Man finds himself connected with theater artists

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Ambikapur (Naiduniya representative). Theater is considered a better place to learn many artistic aspects together. Today many artists of Surguja are getting fame in Chhattisgarh and Mumbai through this genre. Theatrical activity in the area is stagnant now but there was a time when theater in Ambikapur was vibrant. Various activities were happening. In the 1980s, Indian People’s Theater Association (IPTA) started theater activity in the city with street theater machine. For the first time, the artists of the city took to the streets and conveyed the message of awareness through art. It was a pleasant experience for the people. At that time people did not know much about the stage and plays, but when the artist landed on the stage, he got attached to it.

The happiness-sorrow, his torture, his expression of the character presented by the artists was successful in connecting the general public towards him. Other organizations including IPTA also staged memorable plays in the city. Even today people do not get tired of remembering that period. During nearly four decades, Chandraprakash Mishra, Pritpal Singh, Vijay Gupta, Prabhunarayan Verma, Krishnanand Tiwari, Late. Krishna Prasad Gupta, Late. Artists like Vishambhar Agarwal, Vinay Ambasht, Apoorva Singh, Manoj Goswami, Shivprakash Sinha, Vikram Singh, Syed Firoz impressed people with their performances.

Theater made him an established artist.

Despite not having much resources in the city, the theater here has brought many talented artists to the fore. Among them Bollywood artist, self. Mahendra Mewati and self. People still remember Raghavendra Mudgal for his acting talent. It was from here that Bhagwan Tiwari, who started acting in drama, has made his place in Bollywood today. PS Maltiyar, a graduate of National School of Drama, Delhi, is also a popular face.

The viewer finds himself attached to the artist

According to IPTA’s national executive member Pritpal Singh, there are people who understand and know theater even today. Earlier, the audience used to associate themselves with the actors of the theatre. Today the platform has been made more attractive but common people are not able to connect themselves with it. Theater is the most powerful medium of awareness. Especially Nukkad is such a medium through which we can send our message to the common people immediately. Theater in the city needs to work in this direction. Bharatiya Jan Natya Sangh is working in this direction.

Theater is the foundation of civilization and tradition

Senior litterateur and theater director Vijay Gupta said that theater is the foundation of India’s civilization, culture and tradition. It is a medium in which all arts are contained. From the upliftment of the society to standing up against exploitation, the theater got a big place. Through the medium of theatre, the artists expressed the thoughts of the people and connected them with this genre. Even at the time of independence, theater was a major medium of display of patriotism. Even today, artists are active in giving messages to the society through plays. Even if that situation is not there today, the contribution of theater in the society cannot be forgotten.

Every person needs to join the theatre: Bhagwan Tiwari

Ambikapur artist Bhagwan Tiwari, who impressed with his acting in many serials including Bollywood’s popular film Masaan, Mid Day Meal, believes that any person associated with any profession must join theater once in his life. By joining theatre, one not only becomes an actor but also becomes a better human being. All his demerits go away. Theater is the best medium for personality development.

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