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Ambikapur News: Contrary to the instructions of CBSE, the new education session was started in March itself

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Ambikapur (Naiduniya representative). The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued instructions to start the new education session from April 1, 2023. Most of the schools affiliated to the CBSE Board in the city have started the new education session in defiance of the instructions. Ignoring the rules Even after this, no action is being taken by the School Education Department, let alone investigating, under which rules the schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education have started the new education session. On the parents with the children Pressure is also being created for notebooks, books and uniforms. A crowd of parents with children is being seen in the shops marked for notebooks, books and uniforms from early morning till late evening.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has issued an order to start the new session from April 1 in view of the mental fatigue caused by the children due to studies, but disregarding it, many schools in the city started the new session in the month of March itself. Some schools have started preparations to start the new session. From Monday or Tuesday, all the schools will start operating. Especially CBSE schools start the new session from March itself, citing the syllabus. But it has been the experience of most of the parents that studies are started in March due to fees. But the studies are not able to start because the month of March is spent in arranging books and uniforms. Therefore, leave should be given for the whole month of March. So that the children who are tired from the last session’s studies can get some relief. In many schools the local examinations have been completed and the results have also been declared.

In some schools the results will be declared next week but new session is also being started from the very next day. It should be known that these days CBSE 10th and 12th examinations are going on. But the children of the younger class have been called in March itself citing the new session. Children are not being given a single day’s opportunity after the last class’s exam results. Small children are under mental pressure. After continuous complaints came to the fore, a due order has also been issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Order issued by CBSE

It has been mentioned in the order issued by CBSE that it is often seen that new session is being started in CBSE affiliated schools from March itself but this is in violation of CBSE rules. Strict instructions have been given to conduct the academic session till 2024, but this instruction is not being followed in Surguja, the reason behind this is that even the officials here remain silent. The children of officers also study in these big renowned schools, so action against the arbitrariness of these schools is not initiated by them, let alone investigation.

arbitrariness by ignoring the administration

The then Collector Sanjeev Jha had worked to crack down on CBSE affiliated schools. He had issued a notice on violation of rules against the CBSE affiliated schools, which were flouting the rules. In the last academic session, there was a slight improvement in the system of CBSE affiliated private educational institutions, but from this year they again came back to the old pattern. Are. Undeclared contracts have been given to the identified shops regarding books, copies and uniforms. It is alleged that in lieu of this, commission is being played. Parents also do not come forward to complain openly.

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