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A Chennai couple who cheated Rs. 161 crore by giving “high interest” – what happened?

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Rajarajan hails from Kodambakkam, Chennai and his wife Muthulakshmi. He has been running a company named “Amro Kings Limited” since 2019 in the same area. In the same year as the company was launched, an announcement was made on behalf of the company. In it, “If you invest one lakh rupees with us, you will get ten thousand rupees interest on the basis of ten percent” to attract people.


Headquartered in Chennai, this company has branch offices in various areas including Tiruvallur, Tiruvannamalai. The money collected from the public will be invested in more than 15 companies. They have promised that interest will be paid to the shareholders with the higher profits.

People believed in this and invested money ranging from one lakh rupees to 10 lakh rupees in this company. Similarly, various businesses including supermarkets have been run under the name of this company. Apart from this, recently this company has also started a cinema production company. As announced by this company, they have given interest amount to the first investors.


Many people have invested their money in this company after hearing that it gives interest. Apart from this, various agencies have also done the job of recruiting people for this company. At some point, they have dragged out anyone who has deposited money without returning the money. Subsequently, the borrowers went to the company in person and demanded their money and disputed.

When the problem got out of hand, Rajarajan, the owner of this company, closed down the company altogether and went into hiding. The public, who were cheated out of their money, filed a complaint against the company’s owner and agents in the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office. A preliminary investigation revealed that a total of over 3,000 people invested their money in the company to the tune of Rs 161 crore.

Rajarajan, Muthulakshmi

The fraud complaint against the company was transferred to the Economic Offenses Division and an investigation was carried out. In it, it was revealed that one Shanthakumar from Chennai had defrauded over 3.25 crore rupees from more than 70 investors. On the 16th, a case was registered under various sections against Rajarajan, the managing director of this company, his wife and director of the company, Muthulakshmi, and their relative and another director, Ranjith Kumar.

Subsequently, on the 18th, a search was conducted at five places related to the company. During the raid, the police seized various items including important documents, cash, jewelry and a car. In this situation, the police arrested Rajarajan, Muthulakshmi and Ranjithkumar, who were absconding yesterday, and interrogated them. The police are also actively investigating the information about the fraudulent money from the public.

Muthulakshmi, Rajarajan

The three arrested persons were produced in the court and the police kept them in Puzhal jail. Moreover, the Economic Offenses Division police are actively looking for many people including Ayyanar, the main middleman involved in this scam. The police have said that the public who have invested in this company and have been victimized can file a complaint with the investigating officer at the Economic Offenses Division office in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, along with relevant documents.

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